I am Aleksei, I am doing fine (or, am I really? Hm ... not sure anymore.).

I am programmer (well, I love to think so). I know much less I whish I knew.

(To be honest, I suck as a programmer. And I am fine about this. I just love when I am able to create something from nothing—that is the most fascinating thing about programming for me.)

My passion is to make things better. I like the Robert Martin's (Uncle Bob) boyscout principle: "Leave the code cleaner, than it was before you started working on it."
And I am trying to follow it in my daily work.
(Yes, I believe everything can be improved.)

I do not think though I am good at following this principle, even though I used to think that I was good at that, but not anymore.
(It sounds like things used to be better before :=)) All oldfarts say that—so, I think I am just slowly becoming one.)

If— for whatever reason— you want to contact me, don't (well, you can send me a postcard if you want).